03 May 2015

I can't write about the health stuff because last time, when I mentioned the lung diagnosis, my child got mad at me for blogging before telling her. And I understand.
Anyway, I have now reached a far superior level in this game, the one where I juggle symptoms around until it feels as if I can manage a semblance of normal life, ie being a gainfully employed woman with a bicycle. For a while at least. The default settings of this level no longer include being healthy. But this level is so advanced I have already forgotten what that could have meant. Ever.

And on Wed I am going to see my lovely immunologist. But shhh.


  1. but sometimes blogging is an outlet, a way to process. i bet your sweet girl would understand that.

    I'm glad about the bicycle anyway. i do wish i could ride a bicycle, but i have balance issues that go with the pain issue. i am a wee bit envious about the bicycle, but i am more happy that you get to ride in the woods at dusk and to feel the breeze rushing past your face.

    sending love.