23 May 2015

Ireland gay marriage referendum result: Yes vote certain

This is about decency, generosity, love and getting rid of a lot of negative morals, it's about moving out from the shadow of an oppressive church or to quote the Irish minister for equality:
Ireland hasn't just said yes, Ireland has said Fuck Yeaahhh!
This is also in memory of Marcus who in 1985 could no longer face the bullying and abuse from family and colleagues, who slipped out of our reach one tearful night to jump into the river. His body was found a week later.

some background here


  1. It is such good news.

  2. Love. Yes, it's about love. In memory of Marcus and so many others.

  3. Ja! Raising a glass to Marcus and glad that folks are finally being decent, generous, and loving ... let's keep it going!

  4. The joyous good news from Ireland tipped the scales toward equality for all. The BEST! Fuck yeah! In memory of Marcus.

  5. BRAVO Ireland!

    NEXT! ?