12 June 2015

This much I can do:
sitting outside with a cup of early morning tea
listening to the birds
waiting for the day's heat to build up
reading for a while
changing the sheets just because I want to and feeling like a fool afterwards, shaking and sweating
eating fresh strawberries
missing my cats
waiting for the thunderstorm and the heavy rain supposedly hitting us in a couple of hours

Music and talking is not so easy but I watched tv last night for a while, some drama about the Danish Prussian war, excellent acting I have been told, it just went past me in a blur of beautiful images. For that I can recommend it.

I am still walking on water, waiting for the swells to calm down, hoping to reach steady ground eventually.


  1. Where are your cats? Did I miss something?
    Thinking of you, dear.

  2. Hope you feel steadier and stronger everyday. Been thinking of you and sending best wishes your way. Take care there.

  3. Yes. One day at a time to steady ground. Thank you for Radiant City. Sending love. Picturing your beautiful garden.

  4. I trust the water on which you walk is calmer by the day. Best wishes, Nick.

  5. Thinking of you, my friend, and picturing the water sloshing ever so gently against your ankles, your feet on firm ground. Sending love.

  6. there obviously needs to be a cat - i don't know what happened - i fear tragedy - but it's obvious: there needs to be a cat