14 August 2015

resignation vs acceptance
maybe I am not wise enough or not clever enough or maybe it's still too early but really, what's the difference anyway
someone who has just been diagnosed with my disease (it's getting easier to write that, at least) contacted me and after I had offered her my personal spiel on it she couldn't find enough words to praise me and how I cope so fantastically and how positive I am and so on I almost shouted at her to shut the fuck up
but instead I put on my generous smiling face and walked away and into the sunset at the end of the rainbow
thinking this is getting out of hand

Summer is over. We are back to work and those brief exchanges of when will you get home over breakfast. But outside of course, it's still summer, heatwave after heatwave, breaking one record after another.

I would like to be at the sea right now, running into the surf.


  1. I have always wondered what the difference between acceptance and denial are. They both look the same from the outside.

  2. resignation has a tinge of regret about it, i think, whereas acceptance is more serene, needing nothing to be different than it is. obviously resignation is easier, and perhaps a good stand in when acceptance feels out of reach.

  3. I can't remember who said that words are a powerful drug.
    Good on you for using the right ones in conversations with yourself about your disease.

  4. Interesting question resignation vs acceptance. I do think it has to do with how you feel about it in the moment. I'm not sure though. It's such an interesting question.

    It worries me to read about the record breaking heatwaves there. I wish temps would cool down there.

  5. Sea? Surf? Oh, me too!