07 September 2015

This week I will meet the HR woman who deals with people like me, people with too many sick certs but who cannot be fired (just like that). She is in charge of this fabulous program which is helping people getting back into work after a long illness. I sent her a short rundown of my state of being, aka the volcano scenario, and we shall see. An exercise in talking at cross purposes, something about two parallels never meeting etc.
Meanwhile, I am holding my breath (in short supply as it is) waiting for yet another bunch of lab results, while working up the courage to make that phonecall for the appointment to have all sorts of stuff stuck into my throat, i.e. a laryngoscopy. Silly me checked it out with dr google and it made me gag. Way to go if you want to have an even hoarser voice than the one I have now.
As for September? Windy and rainy all of a sudden. Last week's heat has evaporated. The evenings are getting darker and I am reminding myself that this is just the way it is. Perfectly normal. Nothing to get worked up about.


  1. "Perfectly normal. Nothing to get worked up about."
    This is my mantra. Sometimes it works.

  2. I can never make myself not check Dr. Google about everything. My human doctors have advised against it, but I can't stop. I still believe that being aware is better than not. On the other hand, still have to be discerning about the information received. I always check the Mayo Clinic website for the final word on all health matters. Thinking of you and sending best wishes for good news all around.

  3. Premonitions of winter here too - temperatures dropping, night falling earlier, atmospheric dawns with mist, logs being delivered for stacking (2 days' hard labour, that). But it all has, I suppose, its own particular beauty. Good luck with all your horrid tests etc. Regards, Nick

  4. Beautiful. Dinah Washington singing "This Bitter Earth"and Max Richter's music and all the people under the changing sky. All of us.

    From "This Bitter Earth":

    But while a voice
    Within me cries
    I'm sure someone
    May answer my call
    And this bitter earth
    May not be so bitter after all

    Sending love to you, Sabine. When it's not raining, the night sky has been exquisitely clear here. One early morning before dawn, though, the sky was full of moonlit clouds except for an opening just large enough to reveal a meteor crossing Orion. A September story.

  5. Germany is far more humane in the HR department that America, where too many medical procedures will get you fired or made redundant, within legal loopholes of course. Take care of yourself, dear Sabine.