27 September 2015

We are all in some way beggars in this lifetime. We are at the mercy of others and at the mercy of what will happen to us. Of course, we can chose how we respond to it, but we are always praying for something to happen or not happen in one way or another. We come with these empty bowls and there’s a great deal that is given to us … We are all vulnerable to whatever might befall us.
Ellen Bass

I have no patience right now.  No desire to wait this out. I wake up in a sweat, desperately trying to find the switch that gets me out of this. Fighting another wave of nausea, but too exhausted to panic. Maybe all will be well or maybe it really doesn't matter. Shreds of dignity here and there but barely so.
Oh heavens. Tough shit.


Ms. Moon said...

I am thinking of you with love.

mm said...

(o). Thinking of you too.

am said...

Continuing to send love to you, Sabine. You've been in my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I just read this post out loud to my mother. We are sitting on the couch together at her assisted living facility in southern California. We are sending you our deepest best wishes for your good health. Thinking of you, Sabine.