25 January 2016

cycling home from work this evening, almost like spring
When we label something good, we see it as good. When we label something bad, we see it as bad. We get so hung up on like and dislike, on who’s right and who’s wrong, as if these labels were ultimately real. Yet the human experience is an experience of nothing to hang on to, nothing that’s set once and for all. Reality is always falling apart.

Pema Chödrön


  1. Reality. What a concept. Thank you, Robin Williams. Even if reality is always falling apart, it seems right rather than wrong to me that you are riding your bicycle home in the evening. Good rather than bad (-:

    Something green is coming up in one of the planters on my porch. Was in Minneapolis for a memorial service this week. No feeling of spring there at -14 degrees but much laughter at the memorial service for my 90-year-old uncle who had very strong ideas about right and wrong as well as a lifelong sense of humor and irreverence.

  2. Ain't it the truth. I think that about sums up nearly every moment of my life particularly last night and this morning.

  3. Indeed. Nothing is certain except uncertainty, and nothing is constant except change!

  4. Interesting quote. It made me think of Yeat's "The Second Coming." Lovely sunset there.