12 January 2016

fiddly work in progress

imagine a pillow case - eventually

that an War & Peace (one chapter a day, thank you for the suggestion Elizabeth) are my daily rituals to keep the winter in check


  1. Love the pillow-case and the chapter a day. Sounds like the perfect winter combo.

  2. Wow! That's so beautiful, Sabine! Color and pattern and texture.

    My experience with War and Peace was a good one. That was in my late 20's? early 30s? I'd like to revisit that book at this point in my life. Now I'm inspired. I'll be going to Minnesota for a memorial service next week. Will be waiting in airports. Have been wondering what to bring for reading, along with the mandala I am currently working on. Thanks to Elizabeth, too, for the idea.

  3. I'm really enjoying the War and Peace one chapter a day thing so far -- the chapters are so short! And it's funny and entertaining! I am glad that you are healing -- the pillow case looks beautiful already.

  4. Excellent winter rituals. That's a beautiful pillowcase.