29 February 2016

With February ending I note with wonder that I had only five sick days and these at the beginning of the month right after the RTX treatments. But shhh, keeping fingers crossed.
My gums are shot to pieces, the inside of my nostrils a bloody battlefield, but what do I care. I cycled for an hour yesterday afternoon, icy wind from all sides, clear skies reflected in the swampy puddles of the forest and the birds heckling from their hiding places high up.
My inner balance is all over the place. There are so many good things to look forward to, visitors, travel, decisions, and I have stopped getting emotional about the teeny tiny damp spot in the basement. Instead, I cried over Leo's oscar speech, while R spent his weekend plastering and painting the walls of a former hospital together with Syrian refugees who are living there now, four to a room. Very polite people, gentle to a fault, he tells me.


  1. May you feel better and better as spring creeps up to unfold.

  2. Sending love and gratitude to you, Sabine. So many good things. Don't be shy. Followed the link to Leo, and from there pursued footage of his speech and found this for anyone who hasn't seen it:


    Our one earth.

  3. We tuned into the Oscars in the last fifteen or so minutes of the show and caught Leo's plea for our earth. So glad that he used his time on stage to remind us of where we are. Love knowing how R spent his weekend. Please thank him from us. Glad you have had a good February, Sabine, and sending you best wishes for a wonderful March!

  4. Spring is on the way. Tiger lilies are peeking out of the earth in the pot here. Vielen Dank für die Musik, liebe Sabine!

  5. The cycling is freakin awesome. So is the painting of the hospital. Most of all, the paucity of six days. Awesome.