08 May 2016

Way past my bedtime I am sitting here with my old friend gastritis. Life is full of surprises and every 30 minutes the timer of the dimming app on this computer reminds me that morning is on its way. In future,  I shall not mix fresh strawberries with coffee. Or don't eat strawberries and forget about coffee in general. All this scar tissue in your intestine is not helping either, the expert said earlier this year. So what. Fennel tea and a hot water bottle, while I attempt to edit a pile of manuscripts for the wealthy (and well paying) aesthetic surgeon. So far, I have worked my incredulously ignorant mind through ten different surgical procedures to improve the appearance of the humble hand. I had no idea and frankly, I am glad I didn't. Now I just hope that all this knowledge will rapidly fade from my memory.
The good news is that I went on a proper walk, for a couple of hours (!) and what a delight it was. My energy is coming back, never mind the nausea wars in my abdomen. But shhhhh, don't get carried away. Let's not brag about it. Not yet.


  1. Thank you for bringing us on a beautiful walk with you. I continue to be struck by how much your part of Germany looks like my part of Northwest Washington State. When I was standing by the Columbia River, I thought of your river. So good to hear that your energy is returning. The health that you embody, despite the physical challenges, is a treasure.

    There is magic in fennel tea.

    Thinking about your medical editing job and mine. Much of what I edit has been "listened to" first by a speech recognition program that is astoundingly accurate for the most part. However, when it makes a mistake, the results are alternatively ridiculous and sublime and poetic For instance, I will never forget when it referred identified a physician as "Dr. Flying Machine." In this past week, it "heard" the words "San Mateo," the name of a town just south of San Francisco, as "Salmon Tear."

    I see the Salmon weeping and want to find a way to comfort them. But then I see it in another way, as the original people of California might observe in their Coyote tales, with echoes of Bob Dylan, "The tears on their cheeks are from laughter."

  2. So glad to know you went out on this beautiful walk. I love this view of your world there. The field of yellow flowers reminds me of our springtime walks here. Lovely. Hope you are feeling better everyday.

  3. Good to hear that you are getting your energy back. Sorry about the nausea! As always, love the photos. You have a gift for capturing depth in your pictures. It is something I'm interested in doing but never seem to pull it off.