21 May 2016

We need to welcome genius. To understand that disruptive change and technological revolutions can spread both immense good and harm. To celebrate diversity and overcome prejudice. To raise public and private patronage. To embrace change, and strengthen public safety nets in ways that embolden us all. To build new crossroads and welcome migrants. To tear up the (mental) maps that unhelpfully divide people. To stoke virtues – especially honesty, audacity and dignity. To champion collective endeavours as well as individual freedoms.

This is our age of discovery. We can succumb to its pressures, close our borders and our minds to new people, ideas and technologies, and thereby surrender the possibilities inherent in humanity’s present circumstances. Or we can seize this moment, navigate the crises of our own time and co-create a blossoming that the world will still talk about in 2500.

Flounder or flourish? The choice is ours.

Ian Goldin and Chris Kutarna in last Sunday's Observer.


  1. I love this and I do NOT understand why so many people in this country absolutely want to shut their minds against all of this. Fear of change? Yet, if we do not change, the changes that will happen as a result are going to be horrible.
    Excellent quote.

  2. I am afraid for the direction we seem to be headed. Right now it feels like flounder, or worse. I choose flourish, but my small voice seems to hardly rise above the din of madness anymore.

  3. It certainly seems like we are at the crossroads.