08 June 2016

Nobody has to make money. We need food, sleep, water, and love. We have been playing these complicated monopoly games so long and so intently, we forgot along the way that we can change the rules at any time because we made up the rules in the first place. Let’s play a new game, one we all enjoy, one that doesn’t destroy us.

 https://publicservicecompany.tumblr.com/ in response to this: 

I am not against solar. But we have to find a way of making money out of it. We cannot rely on subsidies.


  1. This is so true. We have to rethink our economic structure. We cannot GROW forever.

  2. It's so complicated, isn't it? I hate living in an economy which depends on people being dissatisfied with their stuff, so they go out to buy new stuff - made by people who are paid for making the stuff so they can pay taxes to pay for the schools and hospitals etc. It all relies on people being greedy and unhappy with their lot. But ... attempts to develop an economy that is not reliant on money have been such catastophic failures (Cambodia being the worst) or those simply based on a socialist way of thinking have failed (Cuba - which is now moving towards caplitalism because it's the only way to escape from economic isolation) that it's hard to see how to develop a different way of living that provides for schools and hospitals and doesn't rely on greed.

  3. It's not money that's the problem per se, but greed - and (in the capitalist world at least, which is the one I know best) we've come to equate the two. A mistake, I think.