02 July 2016

Again, I am my very own disappointment. There is nothing positive I can report about the way I shuffled through the day, picking up angry bits of distraction here and there, furiously jealous of everybody else being so fucking laid-back and healthy.
Don't tell me that.
I should.
You get used to it. That's the worst thing about it.


  1. Woman- You have to feel what you feel. It's okay.

  2. I know I try to find the calm Zen in things, but as Joni Mitchell wrote, "You've got to shake your fist at lightening now
    You've got to roar like forest fire..."

  3. Not shooting that second arrow is sometimes very hard to do.

  4. I'm with Ms. Moon. I also detect a formidable sense of humor in your words. That will save you.

  5. There are days like this. I love the advice you left on my blog. Let them in. Acknowledge them without resistance. Let them pass. Thank you.