27 July 2016

summer gathering stage 2

Rearrangements, more departures and more expected arrivals, as always it helps to have plenty of towels and sheets. And putting the kettle on, filling the fridge. A greenhouse with ripe tomatoes and who brought that big tin of chocolates?

Tomorrow I have to see my lovely immunologist to discuss plan B or plan C or whatever comes next.

Italy was gorgeous as ever. As my friend P says, it's the cooking that makes a place. To which I add, it's the music, and sharp suits.


  1. Goodness, those suits! But the music is fab, and I'm sure your cooking is pretty wonderful as well. Enjoy your visitors, as best you can.

  2. Wild and fun video. Good luck with the immunologist tomorrow. I want some of that chocolate.

  3. Yep. Love the soundtrack! A full living experience in the summer of 2016.