25 August 2016

so then so there so what

I got a bit of an earful from R after mentioning "so then so there so what" without the proper reference. How could I!
So then  so there so what is the title of a song by Zig and Zag, two hideous puppets who for quite some time during the 1980s and 1990s were members of our family - sort of. They had a Saturday morning TV show that fitted in nicely with our schedule (parents in bed, daughter in front of the box) and they produced cassette tapes (remember?) which were used during our years in Africa to shut up the child on long journeys and/or retain a decent enough Irish accent. Of course, we all speak a much more refined version.
The song is fairly mediocre but it gives you an overall idea of the general attitude during our child rearing days.

We got a lot more mileage from the Belly Button Fluff:

And I could get quite emotional about this one (my daughter used to sing along):

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am said...


The Marshmallow of Destiny: Zig has a marshmallow that he keeps in his anorak pocket. He only seeks the mallow’s advice in times of extreme crisis. Zig is the only one who hears or sees the MOD imparting his wise advice.

"I'm so blue that I'm purple ..."

So then, so where, so what!

Thank you, Sabine and R. This is new to me. Again I am reminded of Warren Zevon and his sense of humor (More Blues).