08 October 2016

I want to write down a good few things about all sorts but we just got an orange alert on our phones for night frost and although we doubt it will be happening - much too early, but you never know - the task at hand now is moving all of the delicate plants incl. the massive plumeria indoors.
So briefly, I was the only person cycling through the rainy forest yesterday after work.
Plenty of birds all around me though. It was gorgeous - and cold.


  1. Every fall (or in our case, usually winter) when that first frost is predicted, I kick myself for having all of these tender plants in pots that I keep. Why? Why? Why?
    Oh. Because I love them.

  2. Love knowing you are bicycling to work, even on a cool fall day. Ah winter, come she will.

  3. Following a few weeks of cold and frost alerts, the upcoming week might require A/C for part of the late afternoon. Our poor planet.