06 March 2017

(just for fun, soundtrack of a wild year)
I went into a bit of a huff last week. Sliding into a dark pond covered in duckweed, knowingly and yet, the way it makes you feel. Guilty and couldn't care less at the same time.
Oh poor me and so on. But shhhh, nobody was looking.

And then I cycled. Twice. Short cold windy distances. Terrified I should do harm to my back. But, oh the freedom.
This is me with my first proper bicycle, in 1964 the summer before I started school, I am six years old.
This is my grandmother (never granny) with her bicycle in her hometown. She is maybe 12 years old, so this picture was taken 60 years earlier, 1904 or thereabouts. She never learned to drive, never had to. Every Monday and Thursday, she cycled into town, on the cobblestone pavement, for market, butcher, baker and gossip, until she was well into her nineties.

My application for the medical rehabilitation program has been approved, starting next week Wednesday, six hours/day, five days/week for three weeks. I expect nothing short of miracles. Seriously. Or else. (I am scared shitless it will come to nothing and I shall remain a stranded beetle forever).


  1. I'm so glad to know you have been accepted into the Medical Rehab program. I hope it works out well for you in every way. Love seeing the photo of you on your bicycle and your grandmother too. Those are grand photos!

  2. Oh! You must think positive and not sabotage your chances! Great news that you're in, and while you're in Spring will be getting Springier and your bicycle will be waiting, holding it's breath....

    Love the 6 yr. old with her first bike!

  3. That's intense rehab! You'll make it work. I have every faith in you.

  4. Good to hear the way things are moving forward. You on your bicycle, twice. Finding your balance between fear and curiosity. Love the photo of you with your first bicycle and your grandmother, and the music. Always the music! And being here now, as spring unfolds.

  5. "(I am scared shitless it will come to nothing and I shall remain a stranded beetle forever)."

    I gave up long ago, but luck happens.

    I loved the old photos. What a street!