01 March 2017

This is what the good people at the inner sanctum of rehabilitation programs for women approaching 60 told me on the phone today:
Our assessment has been sent out to you by post today. Details on our decision are not communicated by phone or email.
Jeez, I am not good at waiting. 

If they refuse, R reassures me, we'll get you into it privately, we'll have something figured out by the end of the week.
I have seen worse cases, my GP tells me, believe me.
Be patient, the physiotherapist lectures me, peripheral nerve damage repair can take a year or longer.

In my mind I am calmly frantically considering early forced retirement.
My bicycle could be ready tomorrow.


Ms. Moon said...

Hope. There is hope and it sounds like there is good basis for hope. I am hoping for you. As we all are.

Zhoen said...

Get through each moment, distraction and comedy help.

Anonymous said...

There is hope that you'll get in. If the best good wishes from faraway friends can make it happen, you've got it! Keep us posted, Sabine.

Colette said...

I am with you in spirit, waiting impatiently right along side you. Good to hear about the bike.

Roderick Robinson said...

And there's wit embedded. "Calmly" insouciantly crossed out, replaced by "frantically". As if we, your readers, are hearing two streams of consciousness.