13 April 2017

The link to the video is here.


  1. Thank you for posting this, Sabine. I am learning how to listen.

  2. Wow. She is so powerful.

  3. Wise woman.
    I'm wondering what made you post this today.

  4. I guess I need to listen harder as I always thought I'd still feel my father close to me, but after he died (43 yrs. ago) --- nothing. Which has made me really sad.

  5. For some reason, I cannot see what you posted. All I can see is 13 April 2017, a blank space that is about the size of a YouTube video, and the comments.

    Something about listening after a person has died? My R died on April 20, 2008. I wasn't consciously listening, but I was surprised to hear his voice several times after he died, and heartening things have happened in the years that followed during the time around the anniversary of his death. This year I saw bushtits building a sock-like nest at the side of the trail where I walk in the mornings. I had never seen a bushtit nest until yesterday, although I have seen flocks of bushtits at my feeder for years. When R was in the Army in Vietnam in 1970, he sent me a similar type of hanging nest. I looked at it a few days ago. I've never been able to find out what kind of bird made the nest in Vietnam. Reminds me to try again to identify the maker of the nest.

    I found these bushtits with their nests on YouTube:


  6. Thank you for the bushtits! I put the link to the video in the post above. You should be able to watch it now.

  7. Thank you for the link. O my goodness! Patti Smith. Of course. She wrote this song after her husband died -- one of my favorite songs on the earth:


    Glad you liked seeing the bushtits building their nests (-: