31 May 2017

When you don’t hear others, you don’t imagine them, they become unreal, and you are left in the wasteland of a world with only yourself in it, and that surely makes you starving, though you know not for what, if you have ceased to imagine others exist in any true deep way that matters.

Rebecca Solnit

read her entire essay here

you will not regret it


  1. That seems about right. I love that it refers to The Fisherman and his Wife, one of my favorite fairy tales.

  2. Anonymous31 May, 2017

    That is such an excellent essay. She really captures the horrific essence of this man.

  3. Read that earlier, and it's amazing.

  4. "He is the old fisherman’s wife who wished for everything and sooner or later he will end up with nothing."

    Thank you for posting the link to Rebecca Solnit's essay. Interesting how she names him only in the title of her essay and does not refer to him as "President" in the title. We have no president in the sense that we have had presidents throughout U.S. history. And what's worse is that those next in line when he self-destructs are no better. We are face to face with the shadow side of the the United States.

    "Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced."
    (James Baldwin)

  5. Yes. She is really something.

  6. Thanks for linking that essay.

    Greetings from London.

  7. She certainly captured well the man and the situation with her words.

  8. I did regret reading it, in a way. It is amazing how one miserable person can screw up entire country, or even the world.