06 June 2017

this is for Robin

In March, you told us the story of a rose and this morning, look what I found in our garden. We bought the rose bush last summer in Italy in a small garden center off the road in the South Tyrolian Adige valley on the sunny side of the Alps.
I have been thinking of you and your rose story today.


  1. I haven't read the story yet, but let me just say, we have a rose that looks almost EXACTLY like this one!

  2. Anonymous07 June, 2017

    Oh Sabine, I thank you from my heart for this beautiful rose. It looks so much like the rose we tossed into the bay for my mom and dad. Life is so challenging these days, and to be reminded for the love in this world is the greatest gift of all. Thank you thank you.

  3. Love all the connections that this rose makes between us all.

  4. Thoughtful post! You are the best.