05 July 2017

Rise up from out your bed
There are dreams in the air
Harvest light for the day ahead
And shine it everywhere

Lemn Sissay

Our summer visitors came and brought happiness and made excellent pizza. In exchange for a missed holiday in Portugal. Not a bad deal. They filled the house with laughter, serious debates and overflowing suitcases. Now, they are sending snaps from China. The world is their homeland.

Back on the endless routine of doctor's appointments, physio, lab tests. I wake up every morning feeling great and ready for what ever. By lunch time, reality has caught up with me and I try not to think of what's next.

The garden is bliss.


  1. Pictures of the garden, please?

  2. Sometimes the world simply has to come to you.

  3. Those are the best kinds of visitors! I am thankful for gardens, and for you.

  4. I love having visitors - and I love the quiet when they leave!

  5. Sounds lovely, all of it!

  6. Well, thank goodness for the garden, then! Keep taking care of yourself, as draining as it is.

  7. Since I can't put a photo in your comments you'll have to go to my blog to read my photo comment on this....