12 August 2017

Three years ago, I crossed the 5-year survival threshold reserved for 75% of people with my diagnosis. It meant nothing. Life ahead of me seemed endless.
(Still does.)
This summer, I have reached the half-way mark of the latest, statistically confirmed life expectancy. Do I care?

It has been raining most of the week or maybe only for the last two days, I lose track. Most evenings, we manage to fit in a short cycle along the river in between downpours, watching the fog rise from the small valleys on the other side. The fact that I have enough energy for cycling makes me so giddy, I forget to take pictures. Next time, I tell myself, there will be a next time. And one after that and many more and so on.


  1. None of us have any idea how many more but you have certainly been presented with many reasons to pay attention.
    And you remind us to pay attention too.

  2. Yes, take pictures. Cycling is a wonderful thing.

  3. Congratulations!
    Even if the weather isn't always with you, you are so lucky to be able to enjoy the outdoors on your bike.
    What I long to do is go on a hike, but I still don't have the stamina for that.

  4. It is very cheering to hear that you are having giddy spells!

  5. I love that cycling makes you giddy! That's how I feel about a nice long walk at the marsh. Breathing in that fresh air by the water.

  6. I'm thinking of you long and hard. I am also happy to hear that you are biking. It is such a joy.

  7. Hope you keep having more good cycling days. Wishing you all the best including beating the statistics.