17 March 2019

Waleed Aly speaking

(Australian writer, academic, lawyer, media presenter and musician)


  1. He brought tears to my eyes.

  2. Well spoken and sadly so true.

  3. We are all connected. A local friend is a friend of the sister of Junaid Ismail who died in the shootings.


    Thank you so much for directing me to "Die Andere Heimat." I am watching it a second time and catching what I couldn't absorb on the first watching while trying to read subtitles and see what was happening at the same time. A deeply enlightening and emotional experience on both viewings. Maybe I will write about it on my blog.

    One of my younger DNA cousins (23andMe) comes from Brazil and has roots in Porto Alegre, which is the New World destination in "Die Andere Heimat." I hope to discover our common ancestors many generations ago. She is one of the few DNA cousins with whom I only have 5 cousins in common and until I learned about Germans and Porto Alegre, I had not a clue as to how we might be related. It never occurred to me that the connection might be in Germany.

  4. His sounds like the voice of reason.