05 June 2020

and now it rains

This is the second day of rain, on and off, nothing too heavy, but rain. What a relief. I want a whole week of it.
A young pigeon sits on one of the almond trees outside the bedroom window every morning now, cooing persistently just after sunrise. It is a very loud cooing, let me tell you, but so far I have resisted the urge to clap my hands chasing it away.
The expert called and confirmed that I should continue to work from home and that the reason why so few people with chronic autoimmune diseases have been found to get ill with the virus has nothing to do with secret immune powers but with the fact that chronically ill people know how to keep away from risks.
She also stressed again that this is it for me, that there are no miracle cures and also, age . . . I told her I was on top of it all and happy with my lot and smiled my zoom smile because this was a zoom
doctor's appointment. And when she logged off I cursed the screen and ran to R for comfort. Side effect.

In gardening news, here is our Robin rose (and especially for Roger to stay well).

Also, a flowering stretch and potentially massive grape harvest to come.

The first of many lilies.

As for music on a Friday, I cannot think of anything that could lift my mood. So here is some spoken words from 1977.


Barbara Rogers said...

I'm back going through more tests...result of the heart work a couple of weeks ago. Lungs and heart are so entwined! Hope you are feeling better...yes those zoom appointments are strange!

Ms. Moon said...

Over here as we are "loosening up" the rules about social interaction the cases are rising dramatically. No one seems to care. Get the economy rolling again! Add in the protests and we're going to see many, many more deaths from the virus.
It's all just so weird and sad and hard and scary and there you are with a heavy added layer of it all. Take care, dear Sabine.

am said...

Before I read what you had written today, that Robin rose that connects you and R with Robin and Roger was immediately recognizable on my blog reading list. What lifts my spirits today is connected with gardens and marriages sustained by love through thick and thin and the miracle of humor. Sending love to you and R.

Steve Reed said...

Look at those lilies! Beautiful! We've had a bit of rain too -- but just a bit.

Anonymous said...

I want to fly across the ocean on my robin wings and sit by your side. Roger shouts his thank yous across the miles to your heart from his. We're all in this together, this moment, this time on our earth and in our aging bodies. Sending love.

Tara said...

Such a sweet gift to Robin and Roger.

I had a terrible knowing that as things opened up in this country, we would see more cases. As a chronically ill woman myself, I only go out to grocery shop and take solitary walks around my neighborhood. You're right, we know how to keep ourselves safe and (relatively) healthy.

Glad you're having rain. Here in Colorado we get the most exciting thunder storms in the afternoon. Cools everything down and everything smells so fresh!

Be well, Sabine.

My life so far said...

Thank you for making me laugh today. We've got rain here too today, all weekend which is making my plants happy.

I feel very safe working with my patients, most of whom are immune compromised and have been self isolating for longer than COVID. Stay safe my freind.

37paddington said...

What your doctor said makes so much sense, please do keep staying away from health risks. I now cannot see my daughter for a bit because she was out marching today, and she confirmed that it is indeed impossible that the protesters are not being exposed. I wonder what we will see a month from now in terms of the pandemic. And yet, the protest is necessary and I am grateful for the ones risking their lives in the fight for justice. It's so real.

Roderick Robinson said...

Those who imagine they understand Britain (including a whole shovel-load of Brits) should be given that clip, required to watch it a dozen times, and then asked to answer one or two contingent questions. Geoffrey Palmer's list is fascinating for its circularity - in his exhilaration at getting into his stride he ends up via a series of impossibly tiny gradations condemning himself. A masterpiece of script writing. And Leonard isn't so bad either. The only worry for me is the shortness of public memory. Even those who lived through that period (1976 to 1979 when I was fortyish) might have difficulty in recalling both Roy Jenkins and Clive Jenkins; similarly with one or two of the organisations. But never mind, un-Googled I remember them and little silver bells of memory ring out deliciously as they flit by. Although the script didn't set out with this in mind it does reinforce a truism: today's 120-pt, sans, must-read headline will conform to Omar's observation:

Like snow upon the desert's dusty face,
Lighting a little hour is gone

I'd be interested in hearing what attracted you to the clip but not to the point of flattering you as with my last comment here. I suspect this will be one of those occasions when a lofty silence prevails.

Sabine said...

This clip has been making the rounds in my Irish family's social media accounts, mainly because - surprise, surprise - the list does not include Irish, only "papists" which not everybody outside (esp. Northern) Ireland understands as Paislyey's code for republican Irish.

I lived in the UK during the early 1980s and experienced my share of anti-Irish racism, bless them for picking up on my weak Dublin accent, to the point of being kicked off a bus in London while pregnant or maybe because of it, who knows. Mind you, it was during a public transport strike and how should I know that in extreme times, buses were resereved for the queen's subjects only.

I laughed it off - coming from a country with much bigger crimes against humanity and knowing full well should I reveal my true nationality, I would have to listen to all that stuff about the war again.

We loved living in the UK but we left because of all of that, the anti Irish racism, the endless Paddy jokes and references to the war and so on. Not a place to raise our kid we thought.

As for the lofty silence: If I reply to one comment, I feel I need to reply to all and as much as I would love to, my physical energy is limited. That is the fact I am living with. Don't take it personally.

Secret Agent Woman said...

I am continuing to work from home, too, and am thankful I can do that. Your yard/garden is looking fantastic.

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