03 July 2020

songs and pictures

Today, Friday, music day, I have the same song in two versions. There is a third version, which is the one I have been singing to my myself all day.  To the extent that R has politely asked me to cut it out.

And at the end of the week I am also tired. So just some pictures of and from the garden. The raspberry harvest is massive, the freezer is packed, R is making jam and clafoutis.

this year we have a massive raspberry harvest

The blackcurrants are already soaking in gin.

The onions are now drying in the wood shed

and that patch of wildflower is the square experiment, I insisted on leaving a section of the lawn go wild and with a little help from a seed packet, this is what happened. Apart from the poppy, there are eight other different flowering plants - so far.

The grapes ripen while we watch,

the lilies are just lilies

and the feijoa tree is somewhat camera shy, but it is simply loaded with blossoms and every morning buzzing with bumble bees, giving us hope of some fruit eventually.


  1. such a lovely garden with all your flowers and fruit! I wish I had had that picture of the grapes back when I was doing etched glass. we did a lot of grape themed designs for wine rooms. I have never had any success growing onions. and every garden needs a wildflower patch.

  2. Anonymous03 July, 2020

    I've never heard this song before and I thank you for posting it. It's so beautiful. Love it in every way. Your garden looks wonderful.

  3. I looked at your feijoa tree and then googled it. It looks like a guava. Or what we call a guava and it turns out that it is indeed what we call a pineapple guava. It seems to me that I had planted one of those somewhere. But where? What happened to it? Why haven't I planted another? I love guavas.

  4. The word that comes to mind is abundance. So much to savor here.

  5. Beautiful music and fruits! I salute the little wildflower patch!

  6. Your photos cheered me up considerably this morning.

  7. What a beautiful garden, what luscious raspberries and blackcurrants, balm for the soul. I'll be over shortly to help you enjoy your homemade jam! Yum.

  8. Your wildflower garden turned out great! Ours has been overtaken by a few thuggish weed species...but they also have flowers so we've let them stay.


  9. It looks like you have an abundant harvest. I always love flower photos.

  10. What a beautiful song. I listened to both versions. So powerful, especially now.

    Very cool on your harvest. I'm envious.