15 August 2020

Our national and regional media reports with disbelief about the deliberate slowing down of the mail system for voters in the US. Disbelief that this can happen and disbelief that apparently nobody can stop it. At the same time, we watch the crowds on the streets in Belarus day after day after day. 
What do I know.


  1. I want that too. and maybe my grandkids will actually achieve it.

  2. This just gobsmacked me. Damn.

  3. That is such a profound and grand statement. I had to google it to see when it was written...1992. We're still wanting and waiting. Thank you for this, and for the music that sends me back in time.

  4. Wow, that's a powerful statement. And things have become so much worse since 1992! The postal situation IS astonishing, but I've read that Pelosi is considering calling Congress back early to deal with it. So maybe something will be done. It says a lot that the Republicans don't care HOW they win, as long as they win. Slimeballs!

  5. Wow. As a person who spent working career in executive suites, I began to think about their privilege in terms that they never get wet. They have integral garages (one executive I knew had a 5-car garage); they leave their kitchen without a coat to get into the car and drive to work, where they park in an internal garage with an attendant who parks it for them. Walk to the elevator. No coat, no umbrella. Those buildings always have a fancy restaurant where they can go on rainy days. Meanwhile, the staff is walking to the bus in the rain/snow/sleet. How did we allow this to happen? And this is just corporate America - elected officials take it to another level.

  6. Why not a president who has a hibakusha in the family or came from a family that suffered from increased cancer rates and birth defects from exposure to radiation during nuclear weapon testing, a president whose platform would include ending nuclear missile deployments and bringing an end to the nuclear arms race as well as facing the long list of injustices that continue to be part of what was generally called "normal" before the arrival of COVID-19.

    It is a sobering thought that everyone who runs for President of the United States is agreeing to become the Commander in Chief of the United States Military Forces of our nation that has been at war for much of its history, culminating in the horrific development of nuclear weapons and continues to stockpile nuclear weapons (https://ploughshares.org/world-nuclear-stockpile-report) with no end in sight.


    All we have for now is the hope that Joe Biden, with Kamala Harris as Vice President, will become the 46th President and Commander in Chief of the United States Military Forces. The cancer that is in the fabric of our country remains, as do the voices of sanity, epitomized by the Staples Singers and so many others.

    I know a place, ya'all (I'll take you there)
    Ain't nobody cryin' (I'll take you there)
    Ain't nobody worried (I'll take you there)
    No smilin' faces (I'll take you there)
    Uh-uh (lyin' to the races) (I'll take you there)
    Oh, no Oh! (I'll take you there)
    Oh oh oh! (I'll take you there)
    Mercy now! (I'll take you there)
    I'm callin' callin' callin' mercy (I'll take you there)
    Mercy mercy! (I'll take you there)
    Let me (I'll take you there)
    Oh oh! I'll take you there (I'll take you there)

  7. Am hoping all the damage to our postal service already will be undone — sorting machines put back together, drop boxes removed put back in place. If anything, service needs to be expanded. Our President’s cult-like followers seem to care about not much of anything they claim to value — beyond comprehension to understand. I won't feel comfortable until he’s permantly physically out of the WH in Jan.

  8. It's fucking insane here. I just can't believe where we've gotten to. The inmates are truly running the asylum.