06 November 2020

no pity

There are several reasons presidents cry. Anyone who has ever had one and been up half the night with it – or all the night with it, night after night – can tell you this. Sometimes presidents cry because they’re tired, sometimes they cry because they need their nappy changed, sometimes they cry because they don’t want you to leave them, sometimes they cry because they have a gnawing pain in their tummy, and sometimes they cry because they’re just being impossible that day and you should probably go to bed and leave them to it but somehow you just can’t. To anyone going through it currently: this phase will pass. Of course, a crying president demands incredible amounts of attention, and while you’re in the thick of it, consumed by this, it may feel like it will never stop, or at least you won’t make it out. 

For parents of small children, and also for anyone who has ever seen a small child behave badly in the supermarket or the street, the thing we are watching on TV now is extremely, totally, instantly recognisable even to the very young. The big orange guy is angry because it is not his turn any more.

 Marina Hyde




  1. Exactly true. Unfortunately and horrifyingly, this big baby has the nuclear codes.

  2. It occurred to me while watching the man that he thinks that being grown up is acting toward people in the way his baby father acted toward him. He appears to be one in a line of countless generations in his family who never grew up.

    Growing up can take lifetimes, but it is possible.

    You've given me much to think about this morning.

  3. Yes. So true. Pouting little angry orange-headed man baby.

  4. he has acted like a spoiled toddler from the get go. and finally, he has come face to face with someone/s who did not give in to his tantrum and threats and and have told him to go home.