23 March 2021

One of the things I want to experience in real life and never have as yet, is to witness a murmuration. This one comes close to what I expect life has waiting for me somewhere. It'll do for the time being.


It was filmed earlier this month in Ireland, on Lough Ennell in Co Westmeath, by Colin Hogg and James Crombie. The story behind this video is here.

Like the fool I am most of the time, I went and got myself yet another vaccine. Yesterday, my GP called to remind me that I only had the first of two shingles vaccines and that this was almost six months ago and hence, time was of the essence. But, but, but, I said. Come in, she replied, it's two weeks since your second covid shot, all will be well. I want you to be covered.

I debated this with my inner idiot and decided that she, the GP, not only has a heart of gold but also that I want to be in her good books so R can get the covid vaccine asap and so I actually baked a tray of oatmeal cookies for her staff last night and this morning cycled over to her office after breakfast. 

After the shot, I sat for the required 15 mins and chatted through the open door with the receptionists about oatmeal cookies. I had no allergic reaction but the ground was somewhat wobbly which I ignored and cycled on to the farmer's market and back home whereupon I went to lie down and fell asleep for a bit few hours. And woke up to the same low bp I had after the covid vaccine. Only this time round, I am ever so cool about it. I even called my father as if I was on top of the world and we debated the failures of our government. We agreed on all points and in the end, he said, and I kid you not, your voice, which is very lively, frees me from some worries.  But he hung up before I could ask him to clarify "worries". 

My brother referes to this as the calendar wisdom replies when the hearing aid shuts down.

Other than that, spring is here. R is digging and potting and as of today, the potatoes are in the ground. I sit and watch the bees pollinating the almond trees. And the pear trees. And the peach trees. Also, the blueberry bushes. Very busy world out there.


Anonymous said...

Yes! I would love to see a murmuration too. That video is truly beautiful in every way.
So glad you got your second vaccine and that all is well. I get mine on April 2nd, and I can hardly wait. It will feel so good to feel somewhat safe again, still masked up, but really safe.
I like what your father said about your voice.
Take care there and enjoy the spring!

am said...

I feel fortunate to have seen murmurations and hope that you will have that experience, too. The Bald Eagles here are nesting. One flew over my car as I was driving across town for groceries. Even though there is still snow in the mountains to the east, it is spring.

ellen abbott said...

I have not gotten the shingles vaccine yet though everyone urges me to do so, including a volunteer at SHARE who has had it twice. I'm not opposed, I just want a break from all things medical after this last year.

as you know I've been out in the yard doing spring clean-up, a more massive chore than usual after the freeze, just about every day for the past month. it rained early morning before dawn so it's really too wet out there today but I did get a little weeding done. it's just such nice weather and it won't last so I like to be out in it as much as possible. I've seen videos of murmurations and it would be wonderful to see it in person.

molly said...

I have seen murmurations before and they are all spectacular. Like an amazingly choreographed dance. But this one is the most spectacular of all. It gave me goosebumps when I saw the huge 'bird!' Thank you for sharing it!

Steve Reed said...

I've never seen one either -- nowhere near that size, certainly -- and I would love to!

It's good you went ahead and got that vaccine, though I hope the low BP has resolved.

My life so far said...

I never seen a large one, just smaller ones when the bohemian waxwings gather in February to eat. That murmuration is spectacular.

I haven't gotten a shingles vaccination. Not sure why. I've had shingles and my forehead still itches sometimes years later.

Glad you're doing okay.

Rouchswalwe said...

Murmuration. Ah-hah, that's what those are called! Yes, I hope I see one at some point. Must be stunning (as this video it, vielen Dank!).
My second Impfung in on April 8th, and then my doctor told me we have to work on scheduling a shingles shot (since I had the chicken pox late in my teenage years, she stresses that it is a must in my case). Luckily, I am not adverse to needles.
I'm happy to hear that you decided to get the vaccine. The first one made me quite lethargic, and my arm felt like an elephant's trunk for the first 36 hours. A-OK now though.

37paddington said...

Your fathers words are a reminder of how central you are to him, though I know you wonder if it is so. It is so.