04 April 2021

here goes the sun


( artist: Tom Gauld )

Here we are, in fear of the coming polar vortex, hoping that the flowering fruit trees will be able to handle maybe/hopefully just the one very cold night. I just went and told the little apricots to hang on in there and that they are my personal favourites. Also, earlier this afternoon I cycled against the freezing northerly wind pretending to be fit and healthy. It was nice for a while, only I fell asleep the minute I got home and sat down, which was a bit of an embarrassment because you really look like an old geezer when you snore sitting upright. Anyway, I am now recovering to some form of sanity, awaiting the evening entertainment and drinking tea. The birds are very noisy and busy in the hedge and the sunset is spectacular.

dailigone (Ulster* dialect): dusk; twilight. 

*Ulster is one of the four provinces of Ireland, it is made up of six counties, four of which are part of Northern Ireland.



  1. The cartoon is perfect. Thank you. I laughed out loud.

  2. I hope that storm won't do too much damage. Spring has sprung here in Oregon too. Clouds of blossoms on all the blossoming trees. It gives one hope of new beginnings, new life, of kicking covid19 to the curb...

  3. Very funny cartoon and beautiful music.
    Really hope the polar vortex doesn't do too much damage there and everything survives and thrives.
    Take care and stay safe and healthy.

  4. Yep. Easter can be complicated (-:

    Thank you for the introduction to Tom Gauld. I needed to laugh like that.

    Thank you for re-introducing "Song For Zula" in a new context. As I listened, I knew that I had heard the song sometime recently but couldn't place it until I scrolled down the YouTube comments and saw that it was in the soundtrack for the Adam Curtis documentary. It caught my attention while I was watching the documentary because I immediately recognized the Johnny Cash / June Carter Cash reference and felt disoriented by what followed.

    I hope your little apricots survive the cold.

  5. Good luck with the fruit trees. I'm nervous about our plants and flowers, too. Seems so late to get such a frost. That Herzog cartoon is hilarious!

  6. I know about that pretending to be fit and healthy. Fake it till you make it and all that. I did a bit of it myself yesterday.

  7. I hope your tender entreaty to your apricots work a magic.

  8. I don't know if this helps with soft skinned fruit trees but when a freeze threatens citrus groves, the growers will spray the trees and developing fruit with water so they are encased in ice when it freezes. apparently the ice protects the fruit from freezing. weird, huh.

    sometimes you just have to prove something to yourself.

  9. Are you a Nina Hoss enthusiast? The Borderlines Film Festival (this year online and thus available to all provided they pay) has offered two of her recent movies: My Little Sister and Audition. On two previous occasions they offered two more, both set in East Germany. Excellent. Audition is about the perils of teaching young people to play musical instruments; never have I been so glad I didn't opt for the violin. But she in her stern icy way was eminently plausible.