21 April 2010


Drug No 1 is supposedly giving me a moon face and generally make me gain weight - hasn't happened yet but who knows. However, drug No 2 is reducing my appetite and in most cases results in weight loss. Noticed that already.
While drug No 1 is causing my facial hair to grow - I have a slight blond beard by now -, drug No 2 makes my hair fall out, my brush and comb are full of hair and so is the drain of the shower. There is still plenty of hair to go.
Then there is drug No 3 to counteract the gastritis and other digestive disturbances due to drugs No 1 and 2 and for the really bad nausea, there is drug No 4, but only occasionally. Twice a day I take drug No 5 to counteract pontential osteoporosis due to drug No 1 and then there are the drops and lubricants for the very dry eyes and nostrils due to drugs No 1-1000000. Almost forgot drug No 6, to be taken 12 hours after the weekly injection of drug No 2. An innocent little yellow pill that is.
Every night I sit down like a good little nurse and dole out the stuff into this neat box with separate compartments and put it beside the bed before I go to sleep so that I take drug No 1 at the proper time of my circadian cycle. It's like playing hospital.


  1. Hi - just found your blog and am catching up! I too have an autoimmune disease but nothing like as unpleasant as yours. The scary thing? I know what all those drugs are without asking :-(

  2. Hey neat, we have one that causes facial widening, weight gain, increased arm and face hair AND gum hyperplasia.

    I hear you. I wanted to cry when I had to go to the giant @$$ granny size pill-minder because the regular ones wouldn't fit all the tablets i had to take in a day. Thank God not so many now. Sorry it's such a racket.

  3. I was never into drugs when I probably should have been, my stuff now is yuk, but the pills are still shiny.