06 April 2010

This morning I sat in yet another waiting room, this time to get my eyes checked because of possible autoimmune involvement and potential side effects from the medication. Dr F was brisk and informed and reassuring. My eyes are fine and she will look at them again in 10 weeks time. And she also reckons that my eyes are not at risk at all.
So far so good. Sitting in the waiting room I noticed how anxiety was expanding inside me like a bubble ready to burst. What is happening to me? Where is my cool? I have always been impatient - so what - but this is one step further. It is scary.
The Easter weekend was a struggle: symptoms, exhaustion, loss, despair - a wild mix and one hell of a ride. Why me?


  1. S, how are you today?

  2. Getting there if only I knew where that is...

  3. If there is better than here, then it is better.