20 August 2010

late summer

The nights are getting cold, not that I notice much because I sleep like a log for about five hours most nights seemingly waking up in almost the same position I was in when I fell asleep. Long may it last.

Grapes are ripening, some of the summer blooms are already finished, we are picking tomatoes and peppers and aubergine and radish and sweet corn in the garden.

R is back at work. I miss him badly during the day. But this first week of solitude passed quickly. I try to have a reason to get out - struggling at times - every day.

Today was/is rough, I feel feverish with a beetroot red face and a roaring dizzy head, stiff neck and shaking and shivering in between. But I took the little cat to the vet to get an infected wound cleaned out (the old lady fights a lot) and even managed to translate part of a paper on some novel orthopedic surgical technique and I will charge loads for it once it's done.

Last week I completed my first TED translation and have done a couple of TED reviews. No money but stimulating work at my own pace. Lots more work there for me.

Also had the meeting with the legal advisor regarding disability and pension and my employment situation. He was impressed that I have been called to show my case to an expert panel, thinks it looks likely I'll be granted a favourable disability status (i.e. high which means tax rebates and bargaining power when negotiating to have my working hours reduced)

If ever, if ever...

R has recently started to listen to swing and blues, mostly old stuff. At the moment, he is cooking something spicy and steamy, while the Hep Cat Daddies are belting it out at full force.

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