22 August 2010

watching the night sky

Hoping to catch a view of Perseids we were stretched out on the patio stones last night watching a very clear and wide open sky. Once my eyes relaxed more and more stars became visible and the sky seemed to open up above me and the spectacle began.
Of course R saw one falling star after another, while I was dutifully following planes crossing from all directions. Never mind.

And all sorts of memories came rushing in of another hot summer night in Cactus House watching for falling stars with the kids and the sound of the waves from the beach. It had been a fantastic summer and they were all giddy after weeks of sun and sea. First it was all shouting and messing about but soon they calmed down and eventually were almost still with wonder.

Then D came to mind, this charming and clever man. I heard his quiet laugh the way he would point out a funny Doonesbury line before solving the cryptic crossword in record time.

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