12 November 2010


That's what immune suppression does to my body. Some time last week I picked up some nasty little bacteria which speedily settled in my sinuses, throat and larynx. If anything it goes to show that the drugs I have to take to suppress my immune system actually do work. Unfortunately, their work description is rather broad. Hence, I now have the dubious pleasure of hosting bacteria that rarely bothered me before. Nasty little critters they are, have done away with my voice for the time being - for reasons beyond my present powers of comprehension most people think that's hilarious and consequently send out hoots of laughter when I attempt to speak, or rather croak or whisper.
So now I have two more drugs to entertain my body chemistry. And I feel miserable most of the time (and I have developed being miserable into a fine art) but then again, the prospect of a highly likely recovery from a common ailment is an interesting change of proceedings after 14 months of chronic illness with weird symptoms. Reasons to be cheerful.

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Rouchswalwe said...

The first time I had a full-blown case of laryngitis, I made a promise to never ever never again laugh or poke fun at folks with croaky voices. I'd had no idea that swallowing spit could hurt so much. Hope you're feeling much better very soon!