15 February 2011


The crane are coming back. I watch their big V-shaped formations flying noisily in from the south west and we hear them at night, too.
In the mornings before sunrise a single voice of a blackbird comes through the open bedroom window waking me for a short instance just to hear it and wonder and drift back into sleep.
No more tooth ache in the last 48 hours after the dentist and the immunologist decided to cut out MTX for two weeks to give my gums a chance to heal. Endless pots of chamomile and sage tea for rinsing and soothing.

Last year at this time I was falling through space like Major Tom. And the world was covered in snow.


  1. Hehe. Guess what, I just came over from your film and book lists and took notes. Thanks a lot! Now I'm off to download equitably-distributed copies of such films. The books - particularly Ondaatje's - will have to be purchased. :D

  2. Hope you'll enjoy them as much as I did.