28 March 2011

colonoscopy prep day

She told me to bear with unpleasant experiences and to just see what comes up and if possible to write down the first thing in my mind as I am bearing with it. So there. The first thing that comes up is that she told me to write down the first thing that comes up. And that my gums are bleeding a bit and that I am dreading the next litre of trylite which is due in two hours. And that by midday tomorrow all will be over and done.
I swear I'll never do this again.
But that is what I said the last time and actually, I have no choice. It's not as if I am doing this voluntarily. So, get a grip, and down with the next pot of herb tea to stop the gagging.


  1. I don't mind the procedure all that much, but drinking all that horrible stuff, and the huge chunk of time it ends up taking, what with one thing and another, out of your ordinary life -- I hate that.

    By which I mean to say -- Hugs, & solidarity, comrade!

  2. Yes, we're behind you! (Well that came out funny.) You know what I mean! Toi toi toi!

  3. Thanks! I am almost done with it. Never thought I would blog about such a crappy day...

  4. so sorry for you! When I had a colonoscopy, the person doing the procedure was so...perky. It was unnerving.