31 May 2011

It apparently has been shown in brain research that when you keep a positive stance, i.e. straighten your spine and hold your head up etc., your brain over time translates this into a general positive attitude which is in fact reflected by an increase in certain hormone levels. I just heard this on the radio in the car, waiting for a green light, on a very hot day, eating strawberries, unwashed strawberries straight out of the punnet spilling on the passenger seat. Must be true.
I remember one miserable day last year in March after my month in the RW clinic when I sat in my GP's surgery and wanted to fold myself into a small crying bundle and it was so hard to speak up that he had difficulty hearing me. Where was Charlie Brown when I needed him?! 
(I have eaten so many fresh strawberries in the last 48 hours I think I am all gooey sticky sweet red inside.)


Rouchswalwe said...

Oh Sabine, did I ever need to read this today! Your timing is exquisite ... vielen Dank!

nan said...

I SO enjoyed this post - from the cartoon, to your writing, to the image of the fresh strawberries. (I have been gorging on fresh cherries. Just love that June fruit.)

Anonymous said...

i love the cartoon. also, strawberries!!!!

glad you have them.


Marylinn Kelly said...

Yes, all that joy we get from being depressed. Okay. Straightening, for the moment, until I forget.