21 June 2011

never ending story

Attempted to get the house into shape. Three (!) weeks ago I got some storage boxes to clear away some of the trinkets, too many, on the various shelves and window sills. Sturdy boxes, they look good, still empty. I think the bookshelves will remain stacked and stuffed all higgeldy piggeldy until S comes back to this continent and I can bribe her to sort them out. 
My guts are in a mess, welcome back colitis, after a night out with pizza funghi and three coffees and I pretended I was in labour until 4 am reading William Boyd's Any Human Heart  (good good good) and so the night was not all wasted. Probably also too many apricots but this is one sacrifice too many.
Still, as I walk into my office every day I tell myself, stay positive, welcome all offers, be here.
When I get home R is usually somewhere deep between the vegetables picking sugar peas and raspberries. At night, the lilies smell heavenly.

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