17 February 2012

no snow, no frost, no wind, just fog, for a moment the air is still except for the birds, I can almost hear a long haired Germanic warrior shouting abuse from his hilltop across the river to his enemies on another hilltop, long before the Romans arrived building harbours, aqueducts and sewage pipelines, cultivating the hillsides with vineyards, and now, the tuk tuk from the barges, a heavy goods train speeding along behind the trees on the other side, builders' noises from one of the large villas behind me, this is a very busy place, all the world lives here, it seems


  1. Ha- this made me laugh, the long haired warrior "shouting abuse"!! It's the fog. Fog seems abusive sometimes. At least to me.

    It looks so peaceful there. At least from my perspective, looking at the photo.