12 May 2012

If you are biting into a slice of pistachio-walnut baguette on a Saturday afternoon and two of your front teeth hit hard on a bit of nut shell and clash and it makes that sharp sound like a nail grinding along a blackboard so that you gulp and run to the mirror to check that while there's no blood or stuff, and you are sure that two teeth are sort of loose and if you then forget about it until your front teeth hit the rim of the tea cup making it all hurt quite a bit and if you are stupid enough to google dental trauma you end up convinced that your front teeth could be a write off and if you then decide to call the dental clinic emergency service hotline you will be told that unless there's blood with bits of tooth floating in it, you should just stop wiggling it and not chew anything for a while and come Monday morning because right now there is a major league soccer match live on tv and tomorrow is Sunday you are overreacting.


  1. Anonymous13 May, 2012

    I hope your check-up finds that all is well for you.

  2. ooh ouch! hope it all settles down

  3. hahahahahahahaha-dental adventures!