07 July 2012

Thunder rolling outside, on and off. One minute the sky is this startling clear blue with hovering insects in the heat, and then towering black clouds appear out of nowhere, the wind picks up and before you know like a deflating balloon it's all over and back to hot blue skies.
Soon, very soon, my child will be here. This morning on skype I told her that every day I remind myself to not treat her like a 16-year old when she comes. That I have the best intentions to stand back and let myself be overtaken by this glorious and grown up woman with a life and a career and a smart brain. And she laughed at that.
And I told her that R reminded me to not always refer to her coming "home" but she laughed at that, too. And then she said she will write to the bank to sort out the stuff about her missing card so that it will be sent here by the time she arrives and I quickly reminded her that she has been planning this for the last year and that we are now talking about 10 days which may be a bit tight and why not.... yes mum, said my 16-year old. And we could laugh at that.


Ellena said...

Ach nein Sabine, you to? I could have written that. I only do it to my younger daughter (40) because I don't get away with it with my older one.
Unmatched happiness will soon replace the rolling thunder - your child in your arms.

beth coyote said...

My children and grandchild will be here in 2 weeks. Always welcome, always tinged with sadness because they leave again.

But so much love, all the time.

am said...

I'm deeply moved by your words because they could have been written by my mother when she was in her 50s.

After my sisters and I grew up, our parents bought a small home overlooking the Pacific Ocean in an isolated part of Northern California. It had a room they called "girl's room," where we slept when we visited. Visiting my parents did feel like "coming home" in the best of ways. I looked forward to visiting with my parents, as I am sure your daughter does.

I would guess that the Okanagan Valley (about 200 miles northeast of where I live) in British Columbia, at the same latitude as the Rhine Valley, has similar weather patterns with hot blues skies alternating with summer thunder.
I experience deja vu when I look at the photos of where you live.

Although I don't have children and never was pregnant and thought I couldn't handle having children anyway, I get glimpses of what it might have been like when I have occasion to spend time with younger people who are young enough to be my children -- or even my grandchildren now! I am guessing that they assume that I am someone's mother or grandmother, when I am simply my mother's daughter and an aunt and maybe someday a great aunt. Because of unfortunate family circumstances, I haven't seen my only nephew for almost 10 years. I hope to be able to laugh with him someday (-:

Thank you so much for this heartful post today!

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