18 October 2012

Tübingen university graffiti

 Basically, however, no life has a name. 
The self-conscious Nobody in us - who acquires names and identities only through its social birth - remains the living source of freedom. The living Nobody, in spite of the horror of socialization, remembers the energetic paradises beneath the personalities. Its life soil is the mentally alert body, which we should call not nobody but yesbody and which is able to develop in the course of individuation from an areflexive "narcissism" to a reflected "self-discovery in the world- cosmos." In this Nobody, the last enlightenment, as critique of the illusion of privacy and egoism, comes to an end. 


  1. Ah, that's wonderful!

  2. Bravo Sabine
    Now you have new special moments, achievements and progress to celebrate and feed on.