21 October 2012

Washed out. I get the message: Do not attempt to cycle 50+km/day while on immune suppression, i.e. never again. Obvious, really. So we agreed tonight to go for a maybe three day, 30 km/day thingy next time.
Like a fool I have already started to look at various maps...
Meanwhile: herpes, shivers, sinusitis, vertigo, the works, but getting there, even did some serious cleaning and watching R replanting a couple of climbers and putting down bulbs. Harvested the big fat dark green pumpkin. And lots of purple figs.
I think at least  four ten neighbours (instead of just the one) must have fed our cat while we were away, she's all roly poly and bossy.

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  1. You are inspiring. Will do stationary bike and see how far I can bike starting spring.
    You grow eatable purple figs? Reminds me of summer cottage near Sounion. Sica, Sicaa, Sicaaa where the words that woke me in the mornings. Yammyyy!