12 December 2012

don't just do something - sit there

There was a time, way back in my distant past (we are talking about a mere three years eons), when I set about my daily tasks with admirable energy and most of all efficient briskness. Stuff like getting up before daylight, sorting out various household chores incl. breakfast and laundry before cycling off to work where I would of course solve an immense amount of complicated and urgent riddles in support of medical research - easy. With a smile, never losing my cool, gosh, I was wonderful. The bedrock of research teams, and at home Martha Stewart with a toothbrush cleaning between the bathroom tiles.
These days I simply Potter About and completing the whole getting up/shower/breakfast scenario in under one hour borders on the miraculous. I seem to spend an enormous amount of time just sitting there, doing nothing, eventually thinking out my next step, while already composing reasons for not doing it in my mind.
Generous souls may call this mindfulness, good grief - even meditation!
But I call it sloth.


MedicatedMoo said...

I don't call it sloth: I call it being lucky and making the most of things.

Ellena said...

Be good to yourself and call it courage.

Rouchswalwe said...

Didn't Martha do jail time?

"When slothy feelings threaten to overwhelm, start at any point in the day by combing your hair!" (Wisdom from my Mama, who suffered from RA.)

beth coyote said...

HA! All of it.