06 April 2013

Easter Monday in West Cork

There are officially seven pubs in Baltimore. The pretty fishing village of Baltimore on the southwestern corner of Ireland that is. The first Baltimore or mother of all Baltimores so to speak. One of the pubs is the Algiers Inn, named after the attack of Barbary pirates from North Africa which took place here in 1631. It is a gruesome story of conspiracy, murder and slavery. The locals remember it well.

This picture hangs on the wall of another pub, O'Casey's. It is securely nailed to the wall in a dark corner which is why this is such a lousy picture. The girl in the picture is Bridie, she was 15 years old on that day in 1998 or thereabouts and she had no idea who these two fellas were. But they seemed friendly and in fact asked her to be in this picture. So her sister told me. She works in the pub and saw me take a double turn when I took a look. Apparently, not many people recognised these two when they came for a visit but the general opinion seems to be that they were nice enough. The locals remember it well. Bridie is now married with kids I have been told. Lovely kids.  


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  1. My fantasy is to take my girls to the British Isles before I get too old to walk around. Thank you for the photo essay. Inspiring.