24 July 2013

A man tells me about the seemingly endless time he was stuck inside the wreck of his car, which had slipped down a muddy slope, rain pouring down, darkness. I don't remember if I called out, he says. I have no recollection, no idea how long I was down there, but then someone shouted: We can hear you! We can hear you! And these two sentences were the most wonderful thing I ever heard in my life.
And his face is so kind and sad and when he starts to smile, all I want to do is fold myself into his arms and cry for a long time. But of course I don't. I don't know this man, we never met before. How did we get to this topic? I have no idea. The door opens and the receptionist calls my name. I get up and he turns to continue reading his newspaper.


  1. We are rescued by strangers in the most improbable ways. I told a complete stranger I was getting divorced and moving 3000 miles away with my two young children. She took out her check book and wrote me a check for 400 dollars. We were standing on the sidewalk in front of my house. Forever after, I have been generous whenever I can. No questions asked.

    XX Beth

  2. extraordinary and beautiful