13 November 2013

On a day such as this with its jumble of bad sad news and fog and the effects from maybe something I ate it makes sense to go to the vet. 
This vet specialises in pets, so no horse, cattle or wild bird in the waiting room. Instead, there is an elderly lady with perfect blue-rinse perm and the obligatory string of pearls and her two grey greyhound-like-poodles. She is doing something elaborate with flash cards and little treats. Corn, she says, moving the flashcard with a painting of corn in front of the dogs' milky eyes. Car, cat, sunflower, and so on. I try not to stare. The door opens and a large man starts bringing in seven (7!) transport boxes. He stacks them into a neat tower and eventually sits down wiping off the accumulated sweat from his face. Time for the annual shots, he informs all and sundry. Today the cats, tomorrow we bring the dogs. Nobody asks, how many dogs, but we all begin to speculate quietly. 
On my way out, clutching the box of flea drops, I almost crash into the toddler with her pet rat in a Barbie box.
Nothing unusual, I tell my little cat when I get back in, you know, just the odd nutters. She yawns and goes back to sleep.


  1. Hey, Sabine, you manage to make a visit to the vet's sound like a David Lynch movie! Terrifyingly comic.

  2. I also was and am commenting on how beautifully your words flow in describing such an ordinary happening in your daily life. I wish....

  3. surreal, especially the woman with the flash cards