14 November 2013

This is the future.

Not only is Amsterdam one of my favourite cities, I am also a cyclist - have been since my father put me, aged maybe not even 12 months, in the little seat behind the handlebars of his big black bicycle. I have cycled wherever I have lived so far and I plan to do this for a while longer. Daily, if possible, like right now once I post this. Today is cold, just above freezing, but the sky is clear and blue and I'll put on a double pair of thermal mittens. I don't cycle for fitness or as a recreational sport thing, I cycle to get from A to B and back again. Sometimes, this can take a couple of days or even weeks. And I don't wear a helmet. Don't ask, I would only get worked up about risk assessment and behavioural studies and I have the statistics right here somewhere.

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am said...

Wow! I couldn't help but notice all the babies riding with their parents on bikes. And to know that you were once one of those babies. That film is so beautiful and hopeful that it brought tears to my old eyes.

I grew up happily riding a bike from early childhood but have rarely ridden one as an adult, probably because of the hills and rain where I have lived for most of my adult life. Annoying to ride in the rain while wearing glasses. When I first lived here at age 24, I made my way around by bus and by walking. It doesn't take all that long to walk into town from where I live. At times, I have walked to work on foot.

This small town where I live does have a growing population of cyclists of all ages despite our frequently rainy weather and hilly landscape.

It's good to see a large city where all the people ride in peace without helmets. And such a variety of bikes for all purposes! If I were to ride a bike here, I would be frowned upon for not wearing a helmet. I've never worn a bike helmet. Even the tiniest children here are rarely seen riding without helmets.

Thank you so much for this post, Sabine.