15 November 2013

This is what happens when you brag about cycling and fresh cold air, when you paint this picture of a healthy active woman. Which you are no longer and will never again be no matter what. 
It starts with a slow feeling of something crawling up your neck, something hissing in your left ear, you break out in very cold sweat, shivering, and then the earth moves under your feet, the room tosses about and around and the nausea begins. 
You breathe in and out, you try to concentrate and slowly start to count and before you know it, you are on the floor and you hear yourself cursing. And you really know how to curse.
Some time later, you are not quite sure how, but you are on your bed, holding your head in an akward position because for now all you want is that the room remains still for a while, you start to hear music. 


The Solitary Walker said...

I don't think you were bragging, you were just being honest. As you always are. Be well, or at least a little better.

am said...

Yes. Music. And honesty.